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How To Stop Comfort Eating

A Mental Health eBook.

There are many aspects to weight loss and one is learning (or re-learning) how to decipher what your body is telling you in regard to hunger. In many cases, it is still telling you the same thing as it always has just you are not listening anymore. Are you really hungry or are you eating for your emotions? To be honest, I tend to snack when I haven't gotten enough sleep.
Sometimes we get into an eating habit based on the time of day and not if we are really hungry or not. Other times we may be distracted when we eat and not realize how much we have eaten. Still, sometimes we eat out of boredom it gives us something to do. Again, we usually are not focused on the eating part and in a short period of time have consumed far more calories than we need.
"How To Stop Comfort Eating" is part of a bundle with
"Healthy Eating", "Intuitive Eating", "Food Cravings", and "Comfort Eating Bonus".

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