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Conquer Your Fears

A Mental Health eBook.

There are plenty of studies that show the most common fear is the fear of public speaking. In study after study, people say they are more fearful of speaking in public than they are of dying! Why is this fear so universally felt? Why are some people overjoyed at the excitement they get skydiving, when others would never think about jumping out of an airplane that is operating correctly? Why do you fear things that you know are irrational? What is fear anyway?
In this guide on how to conquer your fears by meeting them head on, we will start by defining fear, and revealing the process that explains exactly why you get scared of certain things. You will find out the origin of your personal fears, and what it is exactly that keeps your fearful emotions going. You will learn how to recognize but ignore your self-talk that is damaging, and the differences between fear, phobias and anxiety disorders.
Then we will arm you with specific and proven techniques to help you identify what is fueling your fears. You learn when to recognize them as real threats or inconsequential emotions, and how to move past those thoughts and things which cause you to be scared about a perceived outcome. Let's get started helping you push past your fears by looking at some of the core reasons that cause you to be fearful.
"Conquer Your Fears" is part of a bundle with
Anti-Anxiety Formula and bonus files
Better Self From The Inside and "Overcoming Fears".

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